Something new...

I was bored, so I thought of, well...doodling(?) the following pic;

Which is supposed to be a drawn version of this one;

And that would be me.
What do you think? I know I could have done a better job, but its just a quickie, I guess...:)
And as you can see, I can't really sign my name like that...ANYWAYS I'm getting a tablet in this october, get excitedddddd. Sorry.

Uhm, what was I up to..yeah it was like...a Femme thingy?
I would SO reveal the graphics here, but I'm not gonna. Because I have no idea when the mag is gonna be released. Patrick said that one writer still needs to send their article, but it's like the writer was never online during the week. And now when the writer's online, HE isn't. I honestly hope that the mag will be released very, like very very soon, if not...that would be a fu*ked up situation, because well, ...well. I can't tell it yet now, I guess.
I think the mag will be good, I dare to say the graphics are better than the ones you can see in those new kinda "magazines". About the articles idk, because I didn't read any of them tbh. Well probably two, or up to four editorials, but that's it. If you're used to mags like Eternity or Fierce, you will probably find this issue pretty short, but it's the first one, so there's always the chance to change some things in the future.
Also, one thing I've noticed, some of the graphics that have been made in august, may lack in shadow opacity, if that's how you call it. But they're still pretty amazing. I was in charge for the dresses and poses (well except for one pose, which I think, is used on the Table of contents. I did the dress for that one though), and all the stuff like makeup, hair...but not backgrounds, so they ain't my work. What else...

Well I've changed the blog's template back to a normal one, I think the dynamic view one was just uber confusing. I'm slowly getting off topic, so... anyways, bye. :)


  1. Very nice drawing but tbh, the hair as kind of too much black lines on it, but other than that, it looks realistic :)



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