Banner for The2gLaMs FINISHED

...or done, what's actually correct?
No matter what, here's the banner being done:
Click the pic and then the link, you see it full size. Because now, it looks like it's a jpg file :/
YES, I used the same poses, same clothes. I still think it looks...okay, lol. Models are some gals whose usernames I do not remember. It wasn't me who chose them, and if it was for me, I probably wouldn't include the tan, insanely smiling one, it's like...the way she's smiling makes her look kind of offense to anybody. She's happeeeeeh.
Also, I don't know how the shading on the black coat and skirt looks like to you, because my graphic(s?) card is somehow screwed up, like the contrast and such stuff...I can't be really bothered to figure out what's wrong, though. That's what you get from HP nowadays. *sigh* I've gone offtopic. Anyways, 

And what do you think? ;)

And I'm counting down the days till I get an actual tablet. Will probably make a super thrilled post when that actually happens. ;)


  1. I can't believe you did this without a tablet AND with GIMP! I used to have a tablet AND Photoshop(until a devastating moment in time) and my graphics weren't HALF as good as yours!

  2. wow you are really talented :) i make graphics as well but of course as Kasey said they are not even the half as good as yours! you can see some on but they are not sooo good! Waiting for your tutorials!

  3. She paid more that 200 for this graphic?

  4. It took me forever to realize that was me.



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