Actually this is only a part of it, I still have to finish like 2/3 of it.

She has my haircut, lol :3
The thing she's sticking out of her mouth, is obviously a pierced tongue. 
The pose of her right wrist (well it would be actually a left one, if you get me.) is pretty much a fail, but's pretty okay.
And I think I gotta explain the dress, lol.
So, it's supposed to be a bodycon, and here's the crappy Paint sketch for it;

The line on the middle is some kinda zipper, like an invisible zipper lol. So yeah, the bodycon can get "seperated", opened up there...however do you want to call it.
So do you see the bra thingy? This thingy is supposed to the boobs, just like a bra. So the bodycon on the actual graphic, is opened up, therefore it gives no support to the boobs, and blah know how these things go anyways.

Okay, you like it? What do you think?


  1. *Gasp* Jesus Nika you're flipping amazing at graphics :O

  2. I don't understand how you can think your graphics are horrible! Your amazing at them! You have so much RAW TALENT, it's not even funny!:D

  3. Well I don't think they're horrible, but I've seen so much better ones...

  4. Oh gosh. I want this hairstyle & this graphic stunning. <3

  5. The hair and eyes are amazing :D
    I wish stardoll made that hair.



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