Graphics from FEMME

So if you've been up to date with femme, you should've seen the unfinished issue, published by Patrick.
If you've zoomed in all the images, you've probably noticed how pixelly are the edges of the models and stuff. That's NOT my fault. I wasn't resizing them, I've only done them. I hope this all makes some sense.
Anyways, here are the graphics, published or not, yes, here they are, NOT pixelly, and in NO specific order.

the pose is obviously, not my work. only the dress.


the graphics are their original size, excluding the graphic with plamena, and the cover. those two are just...well, giant.

the last three ones, are obviously backgrounds for one of the two unfinished articles, which is Editors' picks. they were meant to be inspired by earth, fire and water; the elements, what else would've you expected?
and there's also two more graphics, one with patricks face and one with mine, but due to their xcf and psd formats, i couldn't upload them.

the texts, and other backgrounds weren't made by me. 
STILL, i could've done a better job with shading on some graphics, and i dislike lana's makeup on the cg shoots, but Patrick said I "had" (i wasn't forced, though) to do that one, and he also chose the hair, which turned out pretty bad. ANYWAYS. i hope ya guys are at least a bit satisfied now. and sorry for not using proper capitals and such stuff, i'm in a serious rush, and well...just, bye.



  1. I actually love the hair-styles. Other than the one on the dark girl because one side is more puffed up than the other.

    I also like the make up of the dolls but the dark girl has too much yellow eye-shadow.
    However, the graphics are made amazingly :)

  2. It was meant to be this way. Like, I had a pic of the makeup I've had to do. ;)



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