I've had a point. Not sure if the graphic has it.

Basically the graphic includes a reference to self harm/self mutilation/self injury, cutting to be specific.
I'm not gonna be explaining my point with this graphic, basically if you know well me and my past, you know also what..."meaning" has this one.

The thing she's wearing is basically the background as a cloth, lol.
And I forgot to remove my doll's makeup. Still, I think I'm gonna go with this technique, I think it works pretty well. I'm not sure about the hair though., but I guess it's okay...

I want your opinion, if that's not too much to ask for. ;) 


  1. ah, I will have to say the same again..

  2. I love this. It is so meaningful and totally beautiful.

  3. Nika, don't worry. We are here if you need help :(

    - Manny

  4. Anon lol what? I'm SI free for like, 7 months already? Like, I need help so fucking much, not.

  5. It's gorgeous, I can see you doing digital painting. :]

  6. It's actually really gorgeous, wow.
    Great graphic.
    All I can say really is that it's AHMAZING:O!



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