In progress...

So this is my screenshot on november 25th, at almost 1am.

As you can see I'm working on something, any idea what could it be? It's definitely nothing for any magazine.
If you know all the shxt that's been going on lately, you might actually have a clue. The doll has her "middle finger up" ;)

And I'm not sure about the pose. I did it from scratch, at first, I wanted it to be like this:

But I didn't like the other leg anymore, so I did it in a different way, and I thought the torso was...too long? I still think the waist might be a bit too thin, but probably she's just really sporty. Lol anyways.

I combined my "pre-tablet" shading technique with the tablet one and I think it looks way better as the tablet one alone...I think my english just failed, whatever...
And if you're not a fan of "glossy" graphics, which tends to be a popular topic lately, that's fine. I like them my way.

Comment please?


  1. I love my mouse, But a tablet seems like It'd make things so much easier. I think I'm getting a tablet for Christmas so I'll most likely combine Mouse + tablet together.

    Its pretty good for a sketch, I'm not a fan of those people that stick there fingers up in pictures thinking they are cute. At first I thought the sketch had a vag.. but It doesn't xD

  2. i did the finger for a certain reason.

  3. and oh, i have it also in my pro pic, how awkward

  4. Your highlighting is perfect! :O

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. omfg laura kaj maš ti tu za komentirat? po eni strani me maš na bloku, po drugi pa se tu u komentih neke vn mečeš. na tak način mi nisi dobrodošla glej...

  7. can u plz make a graphic tutorial about text?
    like, the 3d one?

  8. I just noticed, the hand is way too high up. xxx



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