Guess what...

Guess what's up with this one?You're gonna see in december, though.

I've lowered the contrast of the model &dress purposely (and I know you can still see the dress.), I guess I like the hair tho.

Do you have any idea what's this graphic for?
And do you like it? Or should I rather ask you whether you like what's left of it? Haha.
Enjoy the hair lol.

One more thing, I'm not really sure whether I'm allowed to publish this graphic or not, but I didn't update this blog in like a week, so I felt like I had to post something. Therefore I've "censored" a majority of the graphic.

EDIT: Two weeks


  1. *Gasp* That's gorgeous...

    -chloe-99, cba to log in (:

  2. it's ur covergirl or a photoshoot part for the femme magazine :-)

  3. gladis, fuck off no one likes you.

  4. ur magazine or that oh so secret project u have listed in ur sidebar?!

  5. I dont know how to do graphics and I have a blog I am trying to make a banner but I suck at it? could u make one for me or give advice. If u have advice email me at:

  6. I can't teach you how to make graphics, you either can or can't do em..



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