I was bored

So this morning I felt sick and didn't went to school. I was bored to the point where I couldn't help but open Photoshop, and I started drawing with no reason or purpose at all. Just to clarify, this was done in less than half an hour without any major corrections or anything. It's not what you'd call a "graphic", it's merely just a pointless drawing which I thought would be alright to share on my blog.

Once my hair grows, and my eyebrows grow to the point where I won't have to draw on a half of them , this is going to be pretty much like me, maybe a bit skinnier round the hips but that's it. 

Opinions are appreciated.


  1. I mean this is just AWESOME BLOG *-* You're so damn good. And I was wondering, do you do graphics for blogs for free or...? If you do, I was thinking you could make me one (if you want). And if you don't--No worries ;) I so love ur blog *O*



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