2013! Happy Birthday, Nika!

Hey, you there! Yeah, you...may 2013 be good to you! lol
It's my birthday today, January 1st, so just like all the other years I have to congratulate myself because no other soul seems to care, so ... Happy Birthday, myself!
Please excuse the rushed piece of crap that is the top. This graphic was made merely without a tablet, I only used it for the hair and tattoos, I think...
The model is Airica Michelle, and not Audrey Kitching or any other of the people you've been guessing.

Feel free to express your opinion lol


  1. Happy birthday! And the graphic is amazing! :O

  2. Happy Birthday Nika haha lucky you,my birthday is on the 6th of january ,love the graphic by the way :D

  3. Lovely graphic, especially the hair! And those tattoos must have taken a heck lot of time! Happy Birthday by the way :-)

  4. Love the graphic and happy birthday

  5. Happy Birthday!! I love the sort of abs!! The graphic's perfect!! And by the way who's the model?

  6. I know I'm late, but .. Happy Birthday!! :3
    Your graphic is amazing :)

  7. wow, love the hair and everything♥



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