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This isn't usual at all, but still I really like how it turned out. It has NOTHING to do with Stardoll whatsoever, it's just a graphic I did out of pure boredom. I kind of decided to do something more productive than play video games all day long, thus I'm gonna make a quick graphic every day...or every two days...which won't be Stardoll related(but let's be honest, neither is super productive). I'm sick of Stardoll, I still log in every now and then, and this week I might even do that every day, but that's just because I'm having the autumn break and feel ever so fucking miserable about my life ok. This graphic is super duper different compared to the rest I've done, I thought it would be cool to keep the outline as it gives an entirely different touch to the graphic.

I'm kinda bored of the fine non existent outlines of Stardoll graphics. When it comes to Stardoll graphics everything just HAS to be ever so fucking polished and pixel perfect, you know? It's so lame, and these days everybody's doing it. Sometimes I feel like even GIMP and Pixlr should cost 100$, because them being free enables literally everyone, even the twelve-year-know-it-all douches to make graphics, I'm not jelly at all, I mean, why would I envy them, but it's just like too many bad graphics are made that way and Stardoll graphic design is just becoming too mainstream, it's like everyone can do it, while back in the day the only artists I knew were Lily Rose and Alice. Not to mention that complete beginners are buying themselves graphic tablets, thinking they will magically transform into a bunch of fucking pros once they get their hands on. Why invest 150$ into something you won't even be capable of using later on, I mean c'mon. It's not gonna make you any cooler. /rant over

This blog is, as time passes, gonna be less and less Stardoll-associated, and I might actually stop writing these long useless captions which everyone ignores anyways(raise yo hand if yo don't!), and make a separate blog and write there all the shit I've got to say. So yeah, do not expect much Stardoll graphics, if any at all. I'll also use this blog to show off my shitty real life graphics which I've occasionally got to do for school. If that bothers you, fine, your opinion is actually none of my business in that case. Just make sure to unfollow my blog asap, so you won't feel the need to bash it/me later on.


  1. Wow, I don't even care that's it's not stardoll related. It's so cool!I love the eye. And I agree. Graphics...period... shouldn't be a trend. Personally, I've always been artistic, and now I've noticed that there are too many graphic designers that aren't really interested in improving their art skills, but becoming popular with their magazines and graphic blogs. It's ridiculous...

    1. I agree... yeah, I sometimes wish there was only one or two graphic artists out there, now its like everyone's doing it, and half the time I see pretty weak graphic artists (no offense to those newbie graphic designers who are reading this). It takes time to make a graphic, and not everyone understands that overnight you can get to be this "amazing" graphic designer... yadayada

  2. Yeah I agree there are so many graphic designers out there now, but oh wellz.
    Stardoll has been getting so boring lately for me, I hardly get on to chat anymore :/

  3. Olá,sou do brasil e queria que fizesse um banner e uma bandeira(aquela imagem grande que fica no topo do blog) para mim.Faz?

    Entre em contato minha doll é a Fashion_Prety.

  4. This is amazing as usual Nika, creative & cute! I adore the hair, and this reminds me of you? Maybe it's just the earrings, but oh well! :) Fabulous! I agree with you "rant" but it is so true! Alice was the best I knew of, and now everyone is popping out with graphics? I actually prefer realife graphics, (though mine are so shitty) but I am looking forward to what you cook up, xox Lige!

  5. That's freaking amazing!!! Who the fuck cares about that it's not stardoll related? Love it, especially the hair *_*

    Btw, I raised my hand :D



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