A pretty long totally off-topic post + UNFINISHED

So there's been too many things going on in my life to keep this blog updated. In fact I didn't even have time to for Stardoll graphics ever since September started. I promised to finish one last graphic, which is the one I've needed a model for. But now we're already past the middle of the next month, October, and guess what? The graphic has remained unfinished hahah. Well, I mean...I'll never finish it, I won't even try to because it's not in my interest to do so. Maybe one day I will end up being bored to death and I will get back to the graphic and finish it, but highly doubt. So I'm just gonna post the unfinished headless shadeless piece here.
Click the graphic if you wanna enlarge it...slighly.

So okay, I know the skirt-ish part of the dress is horribly shaded, I'm unbelievably displeased with it as in it makes me wanna kms but anyways...
I shaded the leg really badly...and quckly, as you can tell. But omg I love the arms and boobs lol. I didn't shade the top part of the dress, and if you spent more than half of a second observing it you'll probably most likely and actually notice that it isn't even shaped/cropped/whatever correctly, because there was supposed to be hair covering up her shoulders....but I didn't get to do the hair. If you actually try to think you will notice it would be pointless anyways because I chopped of her head HA.
And don't tell me that my shading is sO DaRk aND UnReALiStiCCC because that's the way I like it, okay.

Soo what I've been up to in my real life? 

  • I'm going to a secondary school (which I suppose is the same thing as high school) for graphic design. It's like a high school with an exception of the main classes being Graphic Design and Drawing, if that makes sense. 
  • Because of being teased for having black hair and allegedly outrageously pale skin (ya know what I mean...cough) I bleached my hair about two days ago. And I ended up with all shades of green with a few strands of brown and ginger throughout, hair. So I had to throw a brown dye over it and so I entered the never ending cycle of fucked up hair.
  • Besides of learning for exams every now and then, and my hair behaving like a  bitch to me, I'm super thrilled for the release of the new Nintendo Wii-U console! Like yeah, I know there's still a month and 10 more days to go, but anyways, I mean, I've pre-ordered it already and yeah...NSMB U is gonna be released at the same date! So I pre-ordered both, the game + the console. Teehee.
So much fun omg.

If anyone here owns a Nintendo 3DS and Mario Kart 7,
please join my racing community called Nika's Boos. The community code is 15-0968-2174-0058, and you have to enter it without the dashes inbetween, duh. And now you're sitting there and wondering why "Boos"? Because (King) Boo is freaking cute!
 Told you!


  1. Despite your harsh criticism towards your own graphics, I think its still unbelievably amazing graphic! Fabulous ;)

  2. I love your graphics, they always come out awesome *_*

  3. The skin and skirt or dress' lower part are so freaking AMAZING! Just flawless!! I would love to have such a talented designer on my magazine!!! The applications are still open, maybe you'll consider it :) I can pay up to 300sd each month :) contact me on my blog or in my guest book
    Username: MssUnitedStates
    Link to my new magazine: maryannandkimberlysd.blogspot.com
    Mary Ann

    1. Too bad this talented designer is too talented for your magazine lololo

  4. I agree with Lindsey! It's beautiful and those who say otherwise are stupid:]

  5. I can use your graphics putting the credits?

  6. Nika, Flawless! Is all I can say!

    *Lige goes and cries in a deap hole over Nika's amazing graphic*

  7. Amazing graphic!
    And yes, Boo is sooo cute :3



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