Well this is pretty urgent now (looking for a model!)

Vote me for MSW omg omg! Just kidding hahah, you can vote me if you want to, though. :)

This ain't extremely urgent, just a bit, you know.

I've been making a graphic for a couple of days now, and I was going to use my doll as a model. But that was my intention only until I realized that I always use my doll for graphics.
So then I thought about re-making the model's face, but I'm kinda sick of real life faces everywhere, they've turned into a huge trend. We're making Stardoll graphics, for fucks sake.

Sooooo now I'm looking for a model. And pretty much everyone can apply for the position. The only thing required would be a "good" skin tone. I don't know how to explain this, but let me put it this way, no yellow-ish, no overly white-ish/pale and no black-ish skin tones. I am NOT racist, the thing is that some skin tones are just more difficult to work with. Yellowish skin tones tend to look pretty tacky on graphics. The real life model is white and is wearing a white printed dress, and has blond hair. I guess this should pretty much explain why I'm not looking for black models. No offense.
BUT if your doll is black or has a yellow or super white skin tone, you can always change it for the headshot, to a more suiting one, in case you wanna get a chance as a model. "Appropriate" are either the pink-peachy ones or my doll's skin tone, both are marked below.

Basically, if you wanna be a model for my graphic, comment below with your username and attach either an imgur or tinypic link to your doll's headshot. I won't visit your beauty parlor and take a screenshot myself, I'm gonna use the one you've attached in your comment.

 Headshot rules: 
-If your doll's primary skin tone isn't either pinkish/peachy or the one on the far right, you may alter it to suit the "criteria"
-NO makeup, mascara is an exception
-Bald (no hair duh)

The graphic doesn't involve any nudity or anything inappropriate and will be published someday until September 3rd on The Vault and also here, on my blog. Whoever is going to be picked as a model will be credited.

Oh and also, my fashion line is cancelled. I'm sorry to have this happen again, motivation is just being a little bitch.


  1. http://i.imgur.com/3OfGF.png?9880

    I was pretty lazy, so I pretty much copied and pasted my medoll from the beauty parlor. Then I realized I should probably crop it, so now it looks like... normal? haha

    I hope my doll isn't too ugly XD

  2. http://i.imgur.com/CEXzE.png

    Here's my one..:)
    Love your Graphics
    Yours, Nora

  3. http://i.imgur.com/0Sz1w.png

    it would be an honour to be in one of your graphics!

  4. http://oi48.tinypic.com/55m6tl.jpg
    Thanks :)

  5. http://imgur.com/wR9im
    Thank You (;

  6. http://i.imgur.com/OBu8y.png
    Thank you

  7. http://i.imgur.com/060tk.png
    Consider me a "fresh-face" ;)
    Thank you.

  8. http://imgur.com/xWnRj
    Would be an amazing oppertunity but I don't expect I am pretty enough. :(

  9. imgur.com/v8xUP
    Emma xx

  10. http://imgur.com/FePx3

    Thanks Lige

  11. The2glams


  12. http://i.imgur.com/OW2mf.png
    So this is my doll without hair, make-up etc. :D
    my nick is: gwiazda3000



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