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I made this graphic when I was still on vacation. I know that the shading technique on her face differs from the body one, I just thought her face looked super odd with any darker shading.
I changed the face a bit so it looks like there are faces of two different singers blended together, can you guess who? lol
And yes, gotta love gradient backgrounds.

Comment below if you've got anything to say.


  1. I love the hair! And I love how you drawn the hands. I can never draw them like that D:

  2. I just love it!! Love the hair and the face and the dress is amazing *_*

  3. Its amazing! what with are you doing these graphics?

  4. Love it!!! and would you be willing to do just one banner for my website?? there's not much on it- just lost an older one and have to start up again. thanks

    here's the link----> sddo-overs.weebly.com

  5. i'm pretty sure that one of the singers is marina diamandis, what is the other one?



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