I'm really sorry if the blog url on the banner affects your opinion in any possible way...but I felt like I should put it on because people apparently "like" my graphics till the point where they start saving them onto their comps and claim that they made them...they even use them as blog banners, etc...*cough* 
Not that the url would prevent anyone from "stealing", but you know...I tried, at least.
Anyways, on the bright side, I actually think I really like this one. The background is obviously the Beach Villa one...oh well.
Comment? Fankz. ;)


  1. It's AMAZING!!!!

    I love it!!!

    Love K xxx

  2. With graphics like that you are going to have people running to get one.

  3. I just run out of words to say, everytime I see you're graphics.

  4. Amazing! No words to describe it!

  5. qt graphic ik a secret about da ouch thinq ;*

  6. wow. just wow.
    you are one talented graphic designer:D
    If you ever have some free time can you make me a banner for my blog? If so let me know so I can give you the details for it :D

  7. This is amazing :D I love it ♥ It's an awesome graphic. Wow you are very talented :D



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