I'm making this post mainly because I've got nothing better to do, and because I've got no new graphics to show you.

  • The first eight graphics are outfits which were meant for my previous fashion line. I made them back in August, and I know they're rather lame and crappy and what not, but anyways...I drew the original sketches for those outfits in my first ever sketchbook back in 2009/'10, so yeah...my new fashion line is gonna be nothing like this, don't worry, lol.
  • The next graphic was made when I was meant to be a guest graphic designer for a magazine, but later I quit my "job", the hair is unfinished and so is the face...that's why I made it blurry. It's also one of my first decent tablet graphics.
  • The last graphic was supposed to be a spoiler, which never really got released... I obviously didn't finish the hair.

(click to enlarge)

 (click to enlarge)

I didn't put my blog's url over the eight outfits, because honestly, I don't care, they're shitty anyways.
And, I know that the model in silver dress has  huge eyes and weird hands.

Oh, and btw, if you wanna be featured in my upcoming fashion line, click on the logo below and apply, I mean...you've got nothing to lose, right? lol.


  1. Yay! I've missed seeing "new" graphics of yours. The last two are quite amazing!

  2. You still had great graphics than me lol

  3. The graphic with the blurred face is your best!

    1. i made it a few months ago, it's far from what i can do now. and tbh, i never thought of it as of my best one...rather the worst one, i mean look at the legs, and the shading overall.

    2. I agree with Lige. It's the best. Although the lines on the legs are really exaggerated, it's really good!



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