Quick one

So I was supposed to make a graphic for Selena (Ruubin), which would resemble RuPaul, who's a drag queen...well at least that's my guess, I'm not into those things so...yeah, I'm not completely sure, haha.

I know the graphic isn't really super detailed, but the post title tells it all...it was supposed to be and it is a quick one. You can tell the skin is a couple of shades too dark, and the necklace's not the best...and the hair's probably too sharp(?)...lol anyways, what do you think?


  1. OMGod. This is amazing.

  2. It kind of looks like Nicki Minaj. The facial expression and all.

  3. I agree, That it looks like Nikki Minaj. I think its pre' awesome.

  4. I thought it was nicki m. at first xD
    Anyways I LOVE the hair ;D

  5. LOL, I thought it was Nicki at first too.
    I love it. I'm beyond jealous of the skill applied here.

  6. This is amazing,
    I thought it looked like Nicki Minaj. Aha :)

  7. nose is bothering me

  8. You call this "not very detailed"? I call you crazy! You have to be the best graphic artist I have ever seen... I want to know what you use to make your graphics. A tablet? I am amazed... You're truly talented.



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