FEMME Summer 2012 Spoiler

This is only the plain graphic, aka not the final spoiler, I guess there's still text to be added...but yeah, enjoy?
Click the image to go to the FEMME blog, and please follow the blog, if you feel like... Also, please comment if you like this graphic or not...I mean, I think I've mentioned it before, my laptop's graphics card is kinda...well, lacking in contrast, but it's not like too bad, lol...but as my laptop is generally known as one of those "budget friendly" laptops, there's nothing much I could do about the card thing. The shading to me personally looks quite okay, but it might be too dark for some of you, idk really. 


  1. Wow... I'm speechless! It's amazing! o___~

  2. its incredible!! please post it on gv too :D

  3. OH-MY-GOD! this is amazing! Definately ur best graphic so far! Could u pweese do a tutorial on shading?

  4. Its amazing how well you can make faces.

  5. it's good, but the top of the hair braid thing is in a strange position, I would've put it more near the ear or make it come down from the ear. Also, one of the ends of her cover-up thing is really pointy, and the bikini position and the bottom of the boobs look weird.

    1. It's not in a strange position, it's in the same position as on the reference picture, same goes for the bikini.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you make graphics for Stardoll blogs? If you do, what fee do you charge? Thanks, please let me know :)

  7. well...I wanted to know too,can you make a banner for my blog if you can please reply...thanks...

  8. Gorgeous! I'm really astonished that there are graphic designers that could do such complicated graphics with this amount of detail! Great work!



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