I've improved


You don't believe me? Okay, let me prove this.

So you see this, piece of sh*t? It was made in mid juny. AND, it was supposed to be an actual outfit for Selena's fashion line, and such a perfectionist as I am, I've quit my "job" because I couldn't make the dress work, you get me? I was unsatisfied with my own work, I didn't wanted to embarass Selena with my skills. And admit it, the detail and shading is awful. It looks so..unrealistic, so flat... I've blurred out the doll's face because well, idk, I just did it.

NOW, I'm presenting you a graphic, for which I have all the rights to publish it as it's gonna be a spoiler for...*hint hint* No, you're wrong. Think again.

So, have I improved, or have I? ;)



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