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Click to see full size. Yeah, that's my work. 8-)
There's pretty much awkward situation behind the pose. I actually had a picture in my head, but I just couldn't bring it to the canvas, I lack in anathomy skills. :-) So I went and took pics of myself, how I want the pose to be, so I've actually seen the proportions etc. Without the photoshoot, the pose would be probably way skinnier in the waist, which would make everything else look fat, clumsy, however you like to call it. But over all, it was a nice thing to do. ;)
The jumpsuit. Or may I say dress? I wanted to make Betsey Johnson's dress, this on to be exact;
Well basically you can see the similarity of the "bra" part of the jumpsuit shape, compared to the one on the following pic. But then idk why, I didn't went with the dress, I rather did a jumpsuit. I guess I just felt like not doing all the ribbons, etc.
And hair, I used the same one as I made for the mag. PSSHHHH you didn't heard it from me, kay? ;)
AND, I still have pretty much no idea how to draw hands. :-D
Opinions? Just be honest.


  1. its amazing! (and I wont tell anyone about the hair ;P)


    It's hard to believe that you use Gimp for these Nika. I use it too and mine are crap compared to yours! - CRAP! :L

  3. Chloe just stop blurring/dodging/burning and what else you're doing, and it should be better ;)

  4. Thank you, I think we have the same technique looking at your shading.. I'll inbox you :P

  5. It looks beautiful and that's my completely honest opinion:] Your graphics are gorgeous! And for hands, I see them as little rectangles attached to each other. The hand can be seen as a tree, the wrist is the truck, palm is the branches, and fingers are the leaves:)

  6. i know what a hand looks like, i just have troubles with shading from perspective.



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