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As I'm not all that active anymore when it comes to Stardoll graphics, I'm posting some stuff I had to do for school and i shall briefly explain what each piece is (lol, I feel like I'm murdering the English language with this post, it's like 7 a.m. and I'm in school just bored to death, and stuff).

Soooo here's a bunch of unicorns I've done for an digital illustration assignment (which I still haven't completed by now), I saw a similar design, but only the outline on the internet and then made these by myself. The purple-red one looks kinda evil, but maybe it's the eyes lol idk

Program used: Adobe Photoshop

This thing here is called a CV which I still have no idea what it stands for but oh well. It basically sums up one's contact info, education, spoken languages, software they use (and how well can they use it), hobbies and one's work experience or credits and whatever other miscellaneous info one wants to put out there.

Program used: Adobe Illustrator

Here we had to make a floor plan of an imaginary mall and this was done in a rush sooo it's kinda crappy but whatever

Program used: Adobe Illustrator

This is an assignment from my previous school year, basically we had to make a poster; take a photo (off of internet ofc), edit it a bit and add some text. I decided to make it kinda inspirational, and I also had to rush it because I was way past the deadline (which I almost always am lol).

Program used: Adobe Photoshop 

This is one from the past school year as well, it's supposed to be a comic but I was completely clueless and had no good theme idea so I just went with the Toothpaste Love idea I got when I was high. I'm so responsible, I know, I know. It's kinda rushed, too, as you can see no shading has been done and yeah...overall I'm not really happy with it, because there is so much more stuff that could've been done but whatever, point is I passed.

Program used: Adobe Photoshop

Here we had to make a constructivism themed graphic (font wise, at least) so I used some My Chemical Romance lyrics because well, I don't know. It just seemed like a really good idea lol

Program used: Adobe Photoshop

There's plenty other stuff that I can't access from this computer and plenty other files I can even find anymore, so once I figure out where all that stuff went, I'l probably update again.

And I promise I'll make a decent, or at least semi decent (lol) Stardoll graphic really soon, and if not, I'll just keep on posting any interesting school assignments I'll complete in the near, or not so near future.

Have a great day...or halodays, everyone!


  1. This one is really good. I'm looking forward for more of your work.



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