Giving "the finger" to one's shady past

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I'm an odd kind of a human being, I disappear, completely, for almost two long years and then, all of a sudden, without a warning, I re-appear with this in-your-face graphic and an entirely different personality. Shit changes people, I tell you.

Anyhow, enjoy this graphic that is actually a lot deeper than it first seems. At least to me. My reference picture for the model's pose was a photo from one of Airica Michelle's old-ish photoshoots, and yes, this is the second time I've based my graphic off of her photos, because she's an amazing alternative model and my love for her tattoos is just...undeniable. Oh well. 

However, I attempted to give the graphic a deeper meaning. And trying to explain it, I'll just talk in a third-person perspective, even though it's strongly based on my own experience, but just...yeah. Whatever. It's story timeeeee yay!

So the shady figure on the left side is her past self. She was clearly dissatisfied with the life she lived. Her overly careful, quiet personality made her miss out on life opportunities and fun, mostly. But then her life turned upside down. Her already damaged self fell into an even deeper hole of depression that now seemed to be inescapable. In desperation to feel something different than just pain and sorrow, she turned to drugs. She knew there would be consequences from the start on, but it's not like she cared. Seeing she could achieve a state of happiness and escape her worries without even having to try, she thought she might as well fully pursue the way down the road she chose, no matter how much damage she might suffer emotionally or physically. It's a story of escaping self destruction with the help of even worse self destruction and giving the middle finger to the her dark past.
Does that even make sense? I'm terrible at writing things that have the sole purpose of explaining my thoughts. Whatever.

Do you guys like the graphic? Because I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out. Comment? Follow? Anything? Yay.


  1. It's amazing Nika! Whatever you do turns out fabulous, no matter what is the meaning behind graphic. This one actually hit me really hard and it tells a lot about you, I hope that one day you will make a graphic with one hella happy woman who will put middle finger up to all self-destruction things and walk away from them all. You truly are an artist and I look forward to your next work. -B



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