Here to stay

or maybe not ;)

And now after copy-pasting my post from the Graphic Vault, which by now seems almost half as dead as this blog, let me announce the re-opening of this blog. I know, I's dead, nothing can be done anymore, blah blah. I'll just keep on posting random graphics that I'll happen to design (IF I will, that's the actual question). However, checking out my blog made me realize that 2 years have passed since the peak of my so called "career" back when I was taking requests and being all serious about Stardoll n shit. I don't miss the times back then though, not at all, I'm actually happy I'm past my obsession with a virtual dress up community, but it's a piece of puzzle of myself, I mean, the fact that I designed Stardoll graphics had a huge impact on my current occupation, if that's what you call it. You see, my English is still somewhat beginner-ish, haha. And tbh I don't even know where I was going with this paragraph or whatever this is, really.

Basically what I was gonna say is that Nika's Graphics is open, once again, for all to view and enjoy or steal my graphics. lol.
And about the graphic in this post...I just had a sudden urge to prettyfy (is that a word? no) my medoll in I went for it...big time... you see, I love the face of my doll in this graphic. Is that wrong? I hope not. And I regret not drawing my own hair, because Stardoll's hair looks flat as fuck, idk something's just seriously wrong with it's look when you put it on a more 'advanced' graphic. Not calling myself an advanced graphic designer, just pointing out how shitty and sloppy Stardoll's graphics actually are, as if it hasn't been done a thousand times before. Forgive me, I'm kinda new here. LOL okay what is this...and yeah I seriously hate the clothing, I was super impressed with the face and stuff so I was like yeah let's make a graphic but then I completely forgot how much I hate drawing clothes, so I just went with something quick and even sloppier than Stardoll would be able to handle. And now it look kinda nice because everything's been changed into black. It's the easiest color to use in order to make stuff look good...
And I was gonna put a blunt in her hand and make her blow out some smoke and have bloodshot eyes, but then I remembered it's a Stardoll graphic after all. Oh well.


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