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So my intention was to publish two of my never released fashion line's outfits, and I was gonna post it to the Graphic Vault as well, because honestly, I haven't made a post there in like, three months. So I went to my Blogger and the first thing that shocked me was Blogger's new interface. It's fucking crazy! And the next thing was of course, the Graphic Vault not being on my blogs list. And I was like okay, my Blogger account must be glitched? But no, it wasn't. Kirsten, who seems to be the new owner(?) removed me from the blog pretty much permanently, which I found out later on, when I was bored enough to check my inbox on Stardoll.

I saw Kirsten's message, which reads:
Hey, I'm pissed off, thanks for asking!

I understand that she politely asked me if I would mind, but how would taking me off the writers list magically make "your" blog more organised? It's not like I was doing a big mess there. Her action was actually completely illogical. If she wanted a more organised BLOG, she should of removed the shitty graphic designers, which are plenty on there. But if she wanted a more organised WRITERS LIST, then her action must be understood, because well let's be honest, my name bothers too many people to keep the count. And I kind of enjoy the hate I get, you know what I mean?
The next thing is, she wanted to sort out the current writers just to see if there's any room for new ones. Well let me tell you something, I always thought a blog could have up to 100 authors, while on the graphic vault were only like, 15? And it's not like we all were posting and making a big mess, most have just been sitting there and chillin in the background. But looks like a big mess is the thing she wants! 

Pretty pissed, I couldn't help but send her this message:

I wrote "fucking" but censored it out myself, it wasn't Stardoll who did the work...so I guess I've put the impolite word in a polite way. 

However, as I woke up I saw this message:
"Khol told me you were no longer making graphics," well nice, my blog was updated a month ago and I talked to Khol every single day since, right, she most definitely knows what I'm up to! "I asked you in chat a few times." Oh no you didn't. Not even once when I was online. The only person who sent me a message thru chat was ExtravaganceSD. And I was online like 3 times during the past week.
"I used to think you were a decent person, but swearing at me was just a lovely birthday present." It's funny how I've used the "fucking" word in a PRIVATE message and as an adjective, not even slightly directed at her(so I haven't literally sworn AT her), yet she took it in offence. Not to mention she unfriended me right after she sent out this message, thus I couldn't even reply to her.

All I can say is that I suggest the remaining writers to take posting onto the Vault as a full time job, because if you're not gonna do that, Mrs. Kirsten is gonna kick you out faster as you may imagine. I just wish The Vault would of stayed under Ceaara's full ownership, to be honest.

And now to the two outfits I was gonna show off, I made both in August, they're nothing special and their basicness is the reason why I didn't continue on designing. I didn't chose any models so I used a rough screen print of my doll's old face and I didn't design any hairstyles, I did the pose off of scratch and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. The clothes are off of scratch as well, which is pretty logical. Well except of the dr martens. There are 2 more outfits which I'm not gonna show as they might be too much for some conservative folks on here.

(click to zoom in, they're pretty big)

N Studded Letter Cut Out Top
N Iron (chastity) Pants
N Tights
N Platform Martens

N Vivid Ombré Shoulder Fur
N Chrome-plated Dress
N Rib Heels


  1. Well, great. Tbh, I wouldnt have removed you in the first place even if you werent as active as you used to be (and hadnt completely left), i'd rather keep you on the blog as youre one of the most talented on there. I made kirsten joint ownership because im not as active as i used to be. I can add you back on the blog if you like?

    1. It would be great if you could add me back to the blog, haha

    2. sorry, ive only just seen this! and okay, im glad you want to come back! send me your email to missceaaria@live.co.uk! :D

    3. ive sent it! missceaaria

  2. On a brighter note, i love your fashion line! i wish you could have completed it though!

  3. You should show the other 2 outfits & this is amazing though.

  4. You should really come back to the Graphic Vault!!

  5. Am with ya Nika....Its a pretty fucking story which seems more like a drama...well making an organisation? seriosuly I've never heard of making an org by removing the most talented authors...she is outta mind. Personaly Ive always thought she was pretty proud of herself. She thought her graphics were the best...she just used to highlight her errors to show she is a sweet person but in practical she is not. Whatever it is I dont think u shd go back to TGV. Thats more like a 'Fucking Shame' if u go into somewhere from where you were kicked out.
    Sprry for senseless grammar part am bad at it. Going anonymous this tym cuz tooo lazy to log in to blogger account!

  6. amazing graphics.
    too bad you've been removed from TGV, you really were the best GD there.

  7. Simply stupid, how can she remove one of the most talented graphic designers from TGC?! -.-

  8. Well Im glad you are back in the graphic vault ;D Thats the only reason I go check out that blog for :L

    1. Oh xD
      Well I'm sure they will let you in back ;]

  9. oh btw awesome graphics♥.♥

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.



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