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You might have noticed that I haven't made any new graphics in a while. I will still make graphics....someday, but for now, I'm kinda taking a break, I guess. However, I haven't stopped drawing. I've always had that sketchbook with pre-drawn poses where I would draw all kinds of outfits. I've had it ever since 2008, so it contains a lot of crap, not literally, but you know what I mean, right? Anyways. 
Quite a few months ago I started drawing my own poses, and I tend to do that quite often when I'm bored, especially during physics &geography....and Slovenian. 
I suck when it comes to drawing hands and arms in general, and I usually re-do legs quite a few times...oh well. I thought about posting like a couple of my sketches here, so the blog doesn't totally die down...which I think already happened anyways.

I'd like to warn ya that I'm not anyhow, in any point of view or by any chance good when it comes to drawing. I do NOT have a scanner and I feel sorry for myself indeed. I also have an odd fetish for collar bones, they're the first thing I notice on every graphic, every drawing or painting, every person... I actually think they're kinda like, super attractive I'll stop haha... in fact they're always the first thing I touch up while drawing. Also, I tend to draw huge eyes &lips, and I can't really draw hair...obviously. So please don't point out any of these, thanks.

I started drawing the one on the left at school, it was actually an old sketch of a model with a kinda deformed figure, wearing a crappy metallic dress. What I did is, I erased the whole sketch, except of the head and hair, and gave the model a "better" figure, which is still too thin in the waist...but that's actually how I wanted it to be. I love the dress, this sounds so ...idk, odd?, but I really do, haha. However, I still have to shade it and add some details, the only part that's already completely done are the collar bones, I guess. 

The photo on the right lacks in quality, which is pretty obvious. I'm sure the upper part is pretty out of proportion and the fingers are aaaaawful. I'm kinda glad how my signature is covering up the face. :D I drew it with a HB pencil and shaded it using a 3B & 8B one. The hair was fully drawn with an 8B pencil. 
I drew it today at school, as if I had nothing better to do there...

So yeah, what do you think about my sketches so far?
Should I include these two in my fashion line...or not?
Anything else? lol
Comment please. 

this post was written in a rush, im sorry for all kinds of mistakes and grammar issues and what not...


  1. I like the clothes :D
    I also like to draw, but I mostly draw anime girls :D

  2. They're very nice! The first dress was done very nicely, especially. I think you should include the first dress in your fashion line. And unlike what you said, the legs and hands you draw are actually nice :)

  3. These remind me so much of Alice's designs! Seriously. Their awesome. ^-^

  4. I love the first one! And you're very good with the poses actually, my shading sucks...As for collar bones, well, I love them too

  5. them.. collarbones...
    them... legs...

  6. I think you have alot of potential at drawing!
    I'm not trying to brag, but I'm an AMAZING drawer... I can give you a few tips some day if you like? :) xx

    1. I'm also an amazing drawer xDD
      No seriously, your drawings aren't that bad, in fact they are quite good! The faces aren't that good because they don't look so realistic, more like anime, but I know faces are very difficult to draw. I like the right drawing better than the left one, maybe it's because of the shading.. ;)

  7. Pleaseeeee could you make me a graphic?I am coolytinno2 on stardoll!Pleaseee?!?!?!



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