New header...layout?

If you didn't notice before, I think it's time to do so now. I just hope this sentence made sense...

I changed the blog layout, well only the colors and fonts and blah, and guess what?! I made an actual graphic for my blog header, so it's not as plain and boring as the previous one.

Just in case you don't know, the pose is "inspired" by Natalia Kills. I don't know why, but I really like the

Anyways, what are your "thoughts" on the whole...change? Comment please? Thanks.


  1. the first time I looked at the banner, I thought it was a real person not a graphic.. wow nika, wow!

  2. Very realistic. It's amazing :)

  3. love itZ!! :D...its do u do it!!!> trying from 1 year but am still lacking a proper graphic!!!>..can u show a whole tutorial on how u do ur graphic????

  4. Wow! Very nice banner, and I'm loving the modern look you put on the blog. You're very creative and original. :)



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