I got PSE, finally!

It's not like I really just got it, but I was finally able to download it, because I got a license key with my wacom tablet (and wacom had to fix their download link, lol). The download took about 2 hours, I guess I should blame the fact I'm on a wireless connection...however, I managed to install it properly, if you don't count the mess I made in my Program Files (x86) folder in...anyways. The installation of the 1gb large beast took only about 5mins, and it took me further 5 mins to figure out how to launch the editor from the menu. *blonde*... :D
I'm stuck with the 8th version (picture on the left), but I guess all that matters is tablet support and some other things...and btw, this one has full support for my tablet, even the eraser on the top of my tablet pen works as an eraser, not as a thick brush, like in gimp...which can be quite useful, I guess...

I guess it will take me a bit of time to get used to it, I mean, it's nothing like gimp..and some people are saying that gimp is the same as photoshop, but free...lol@that.
I feel kinda isolated in all the greys and blacks and what not, I want a transparent top bar at least..but I guess I'm not gonna get that, lol.

Anyways, this is just a quick update/pointless post, I'm sorry if there's any grammar mistakes...lol, I actually know there's a lot of them...whatever. ;)


  1. Photoshop is so much easier then Gimp I have to say. The only thing you really have to get use to is making layers because you no longer have a transparency bar. I think Photoshop flows so much better then gimp.

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  3. Transparency bar?

  4. That graphic is like I know from somewhere and that pose too. Maybe this one : http://hrlyimages.blogspot.com/
    (the banner)

  5. @Nika : Forget about my comment above, actually that pose is from Lady Gaga right?

  6. Hi luezone290...lol
    This pose was requested by Chris, aka sevillana94 for a header for her portfolio, if you want proof, here ya go; http://i.imgur.com/7d1rD.png
    Plus, I would never copy hrly's graphics, especially not a fucking pose because it's not like I couldn't draw my own ones..but I know some people who would do or are already doing it! *hint hint*
    Plus I don't like her graphics..wait have I actually just written that? Oops my bad.

  7. I'm not that low on creativity as some "graphic designers" are..*sigh*



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