EDIT; doll's face doesn't remind me of Amanda from Saw anymore, now it's reminding me of Lady Nogrady (that chick from botdf's Bewitched video)! :P

(Pose as seen on Kim Zolciak)

LOL, The doll's face kinda reminds me of Amanda from Saw II:
Kay maybe not the best pic I could've found, just google Amanda Young or watch Saw I, II or III.
In I., she's the one who's trapped in the reverse bear trap, in II., she's the one who's gone through the needle pit (later revealed to be Jigsaw's daughter) and in III, well it's like, SOO obvious who she is. Gotta love Saw! ;) 

Back to topic. I know the shading is crappy. I think it's pretty good, everything was done by me. First I wanted to use my doll's head and pop it into she shape on like, half, and then work it out that way... But then I drew everything, every single facial feature, everything...from scratch. I wanted to make the eyes as similar as possible to my doll's, I don't think if I really got it right. The nose is the worst feature of the face, it's just..too small, idk :S And the hair could be done better, preciser. But overall, I'm happy. I love the chest bones, and face shape. The hands/arms look pretty much awkward, but oh well.

What do you think?


  1. i love it! fallen in love <3

  2. woooaaaahhh that is amazing! i've never watched saw :S it gives me the creeps...

  3. saw is amazing. you just gotta get used to it, and it depends whether you're into romantic movies or horrors, just for example. i did this kind of a saw marathon, 1, 2, 3 and 6 in one afternoon, and it gave me some horrific nightmares, especially the classroom trap scene. but it went away in a few days, and then i watched the rest of saw, and it was actually nothing special, i got pretty much immune to all the disgusting scenes. and I'm used to have to deal with blood daily anyway, i used to be a self injurer, and i have diabetes so i have to take blood samples daily, so it's like, whatever. the only thing that really gets me disgusted is the pendulum, knife chair, angel and acid room trap. :)



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