*OLD!* unused banners, blog headers, doll stuff..ugh.

A while ago as an anon, I wanted to make banners for BFM, which actually wouldn't be posterized pictures with a medoll head, but actually graphics. Unfortunately I had real life issues and everything delayed, at the end I didn't even done them. Here you have two (the third one looks ridiculous, sorry), for Devie44 and Findurlove.

Also, there are two blog headers, one unused and one used for Selena's Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville, which I no longer work for. It'd be great if you'd pay a few minutes of your time and visit the blog, follow it, apply as a model, etc.

And the unused one..
Even the shadows are infinito, how the fuck do I dare? And don't let me go on adn talk about the nipples and the whole nudity question.

For your eyes, here's an old face-edit, only the nose I guess. Hmm, let me upload the pic.
Soo..yup, it's more than just the nose. The eyebrows are done, then there we have the eyecolor, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, cheekbones..yup, the doll looks much like a plastic bitch, spotting a fake tan. Whatever, moving on.

So, what about this one? My computer, under this graphic's attributes says it was made November 8th, 2010. Hmm..
A huge improvement, right? Click the pic to see it full size.

What do you think? This time I would be brettysurprised if anyone of you actually gave a fuck and would post a comment? Thanks<3



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